Archetype Studios

Immersive Content for Music, Film, and Entertainment

About Us

We are a Production Company, Tech, and Media Studio reimagining the possibilities to fundamentally change the way music, film, and entertainment interact.

Our mission is to empower digital and established creators by managing what’s at the forefront of groundbreaking technology and connecting them to newer audiences through digital storytelling, immersive experiences, production services, digital content, AI and technology.  

Metaverse &
Web3 Content

Enter the Metaverse and unleash your imagination. Elevate your online presence with our cutting-edge Metaverse content pipelines. Build your brand and connect with your audience in the next dimension of digital entertainment.

LV Sk8 by Archetype-IO

Headphones by Archetype-IO

Hoodie Mask by Archetype-IO

Celia Cruz NFT

In keeping pace with the current times and trends, the Celia Cruz Knight Estate is thrilled to collaborate with Archetype-IO in creating Celia Cruz’s first NFT collection. This partnership serves as a testament of the strong legacy she left, and that now transcends to these new platforms for the younger generations to learn and enjoy.– Executor of Celia Cruz’s estate Omer Pardillo Cid.

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