Archetype-IO specializes in developing cutting-edge tools and solutions for the creation and deployment of virtual humans, interactive digital experiences, and digital media. With a focus on advancing the fields of artificial intelligence, web3, and AR/VR, Archetype-IO has several highly-anticipated products in the pipeline, including some that have yet to be released.

Certified Memorabilia

Own a piece of history. get your hands on original, certified digital twins of iconic memorabilia from the biggest artists. Become part of their legacy.
Web3 NFT
Minting Site
Web3 NFT minting site. Original and certified one-of-one and one-of-many NFT series iconic memorabilia objects.

TokenGated Web2 Marketplace

Redeem benefits and access unique experiences as an NFT owner or buy assets on a traditional web2 marketplace. Theres a choice for everyone.
Collector App
Gamified AR Geolocation App
Enhance fan engagement through unique and immersive experiences that rewards users for visiting physical locations.
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