Archetype Studios


Our mission is to empower digital and established artists by managing what’s at the forefront of groundbreaking technology and connecting them to newer audiences through digital storytelling, immersive experiences, production services, digital content, and technology.


AI Models

Mini Docs

3D Content

Music Videos

Digital Content

2D / 3D Animation

Transform your vision into reality with cutting-edge award winning media production services. We leverage creativity at a fraction of the cost of traditional production pipelines utilizing tools like AI, Virtual Production, and Unreal Engine.


Avatar Experiences

Immersive AR Live Shows

VR / Gamified Activations

Mobile / AR / VR Advergames

Create immersive interactive experiences with Motion Capture, AR, VR, and Mobile Advergames. Engage your audience and stand out from the crowd with our innovative production solutions.

Digital Merch

Avatar Creation

Social Media Filters

Enter the Metaverse and unleash your imagination. Elevate your online presence with our cutting-edge Metaverse content pipelines. Build your brand and connect with your audience in the next dimension of digital entertainment.

LV Sk8 by Archetype-IO

Headphones by Archetype-IO

Hoodie Mask by Archetype-IO


NFT Memorabilia

NFT Digital Merch

Stay ahead of the curve and future-proof your brand by harnessing the disruptive potential of web3 in your digital strategy. Unlock the power of the Blockchain to build long-lasting connections with your audience.
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